AMI | Montessori | 6-12 Years Blended Orientation Course (Online and In – Person)

  • Duration: 10 weeks

Course Description

The intention of the Assistants Course is to help interested adults become informed, capable, and supportive assistants to a trained elementary teacher. Further, the program may serve as an information course for administrators of schools and parents. • To learn the Montessori philosophy with regard to child development • To observe the elementary child (2nd plane of development) • To learn how to interact with the Montessori-trained teacher • To learn how to interact with the elementary child • To acquire the ability to support the development of the child by assisting the teacher.

Duration of the course program:

Sixty hours at the Centre, and nine (9) additional hours of observation of children aged between 6 and 12. The observations are to be done either immediately after the course or parallel to the course.

Course Structure options:

• Two full weeks

• One full day a week for ten weeks

• Five weekends (could include a Friday evening session)

• Weekends plus some evenings

Note: Whatever format is chosen, the course should not be extended beyond twelve weeks.

Required Reading:

It is recommended that selected readings from the three books below be assigned during the course to prepare the assistants for continuing their studies after the course. • To Educate the Human Potential • The Formation of Man • Education and Peace Other readings may be included.

Requirements for Students

• Submission of three papers (500 words each) on topics set by the course, to be submitted by a date stipulated by the course director. At least one of these topics should be a theory topic. • In order to obtain the Elementary Assistants Course Certificate a minimum of 90% attendance is required for the lectures. 100% of observation hours must be fulfilled.