AMI | Montessori | 0-3 Years Blended Orientation Course (Online and In – Person)

  • Duration: 10 weeks

The intention of the Assistants Course is to help interested adults become able assistants in a Montessori Nido or Infant Community.

Course Description

The task of the Assistant is NOT to give initial presentations of materials, but rather to support and help the Directress to maintain the equilibrium within the class, to do follow-up work with the children, to do language work with the children, helping to maintain order within the environment.

• To observe
• To learn when and how to intervene (not interfere)
• To acquire the ability to allow the children to become more and more independent;
“any unnecessary help is a hindrance to development”
• To gain knowledge of Montessori’s understanding of Freedom and Discipline
• To learn how to gain the children’s trust
• To understand the power of the absorbent mind
• To understand the importance of consistency (also related to use of language) and routines
• To understand the importance of the environment: Indoor and outdoor
• The importance of food and food preparation.

Duration of the course program:

Sixty hours at the Centre and nine additional hours of observation – either immediately after the course or parallel to the course. Specific topics to focus on will be given for observation.

Course structure options

• Two full days per week
• Six weekends at ten hours per weekend
• Five hours per week for twelve weeks
• A full week plus evenings
• Weekends and evenings, etc.

Note: Whatever the format, the course should not be extended beyond twelve weeks.

Required Reading:

It is recommended that selected reading from the four books listed below be undertaken during the course to prepare the Assistants for further reading after the course.
• Understanding the Human Being
• The Child in the Family
• Education for a New World

Dedicated Hours:

Three Hours shall be dedicated to:

• Having the Assistants practice basic movements such as: walking within the environment, carrying trays, chairs, materials, etc.;
• Opening and closing doors, drawers, etc., as a model for the children in a Montessori Prepared Environment;
• Essential grace and courtesy (e.g. greeting children and parents), giving appropriate assistance in the cloakroom, etc.
• Practice how to help to dress and undress children under 3 and the importance of clothing for the development of children

Ten Hours shall be dedicated to:

• Introducing the techniques for making, mending, and maintaining materials
• Learning techniques for vocabulary building


• Submission of three papers (500 words each) on topics set by the course, to be submitted by a date stipulated by the course director.

• In order to obtain the Birth to Three Assistants Course Certificate a minimum of 90% attendance is required.