2) AMI | Montessori | 3-6 Years Orientation Course

  • Duration: 26 weeks

Price BHD 5000

A course delivering a full internationally recognised Montessori diploma for ages 3 to 6.
Designed mainly for educators in the classroom, as well as for people wanting to learn in detail Montessori education for this age group.


  • Teach in Montessori schools and kindergartens anywhere in the world. AMI diploma holders are in high demand.
  • Set up your own Montessori school
  • Use this qualification for social work, mainstream education and your own parenting.


  • An in-depth study of Montessori pedagogy focuses on children’s developmental needs from three to six years of age.
  • The Montessori Philosophy, Psychology and Child Development
  • The Child’s Acquisition of Fundamental Learning Skills
  • The Development and Education of the Senses
  • Language and Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Montessori Materials and their Role in Assisting Child Development
  • The Critical Role of Observation
  • Montessori Professional Experience
  • Educational Theory and Practice
  • Administration
  • Legal Issues and OHS
  • Reading and Discussions Sessions
  • Written Work
  • Material Making


To be announced later


  • Receive International diploma Certificate by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), recognized all over the world.
  • Learn from our experienced AMI Training Directress Coral Ruiz.


To be announced later


  • 180 Hours of The Theory of the Montessori Method
  • 140 hours of practice with Montessori materials under the supervision in the training Centre
  • 20 Hours of Auxiliary Lectures
  • 72 hours of observation in Montessori primary classrooms
  • 80 hours of teaching practice in Montessori Primary classrooms


  • Attendance. Minimum of 90% attendance.
  • Guided practice.  Minimum of 140 hours of practice with Montessori materials
  • Manuals . 5 manuals completion of personal teaching manuals
  • Observation and teaching Practice: completion of observation and teaching practice in Montessori settings.
  • Mandatory reading 20 books obligatory and recommended reading.
  • Materials. Submission of handmade materials
  • Exams, successful completion of written and oral exams:
  • Overall satisfactory participation in the course. As evaluated by the Course Director.


  • One-page handwritten motivational essay answering the question ‘why do you want to take the AMI 3-6 diploma course?’
  • Curriculum vita
  • Previous Cetrficate (s)
  •  Professional reference letter (s)
  • Passport Copy
  • Pay BHD 200 to Benefit Pay or wire transfer the amount, using IBAN BH73 AUBB 0001 0289 1350 01 to Manama Montessori Training Center W.L.L- Please mention your name on the transaction description of BenefitPay App on the Mobile.  Take a copy of it and attached it with the rest of the documents in one email.