Manama Montessori center offers a unique and creative environment equipped with the necessary tools and resources needed to succeed. It fosters a personable and supportive culture, where constant feedback and dialogue are not only welcomed but also encouraged. The team has a genuine sense of enjoyment and care unlike anywhere I’ve seen. The diploma provided me with the opportunity to advance my knowledge in Montessori and contributed to my personal growth and development. It has equipped me with the tools I needed to excel in future leadership roles within the field as well as become an advocate for the Montessori education system. The AMI Montessori Diploma improved my critical thinking skills which have tremendously changed the way I deal with and observe children in the environment. To all students that will consider joining the AMI diploma, anticipate embarking on an exceptional journey. You will be exposed to a challenging and one-of-a-kind training program unlike any other. Going through the program, you will be exposed to unique and creative methods that would challenge your perspective about childcare and equip you with the necessary tools needed to succeed in the Montessori field.