“The AMI primary course at Manama Montessori has gone beyond my expectations. Embarking on such transformative journey as a Montessori teacher has given me another perceptive and in depth study of the Montessori principals in providing a holistic education for children in our care. We explored many topics during this course and I have realized that when one learns in depth about children and the human tendencies he/she immediately tap into his/her own psychology and therefore become connected to his/her main goal of existence as a member within the society and the essence of human nature to work together in cohesion comes to light. MMTC has given us the opportunity to observe children in AMI Montessori schools around the globe  and as I sat back and observed scientifically as Ms. Coral suggested, I became much more aware of the role of the adult in relation to her interactions with the child within the prepared environment.  The knowledge, grace and the high expectations of the trainer has given me a thorough study of the Montessori pedagogy and given me the sound confidence to prepare authentic Montessori environments in the future. I am honoured and extremely lucky to have made this step to study in MMTC and learn about another country and building friendships.”