Ensure you are ready to be challenged and changed. The work is difficult, but rewarding. However, if you have too many additional commitments on your plate, you will find it difficult to take advantage of all the opportunities. Having good time management and a good support system will be very advantageous throughout the course. As the first training center of its kind in the Middle East, I love how the culture of Bahrain is woven through everything. I also enjoy meeting both the trainers and the other students. We all bring a unique perspective, and it has helped me continue to grow and become a stronger person. This diploma is helping me to pursue my dreams of becoming an educator. This is a completely new career path for me, and I found the AMI diploma at the perfect moment to begin my transition and entry into this field. Currently, I am a Manpower and Administrative Captain in the United States Marines Corps. I have been in this career field in various ways for six years. I am from Virginia in the USA. I hold a Bachelor’s of Arts in International Relations and Arabic. I am also working on my Masters of Science in Nonprofit Management.