I am Dana Shubbar, an English Co-Teacher in one of Bahrain’s leading Montessori Preschools. Although I have been working in Montessori environments for the Past 6 years, studying at MMTC has shown me a new dimension to the Montessori approach and to child psychology as a whole! It is a privilege to get hands-on access to the authentic Montessori Method, and to -the very precisely designed- Montessori Materials.  We are being introduced to each one of these materials, how & when they are presented and the philosophy behind their design, by the very well experienced AMI Trainer Ms. Coral Ruiz, who teaches us every day, how to live -not only- the Montessori way, but how to live as good human beings serving their communities and bringing peace to the society and the world. Not to forget, Ms. Thana Jaberi, founder of MMTC and AMI Trainer in Training, who shares with us valuable information about her journey with Montessori through the past 26 years and provides support 24/7 to make sure we are meeting the needed standards. The high standard of education given in this Diploma will definitely take education in Bahrain and the GCC to a new level, as creating independent, mindful and intelligent human beings starts from the very early years of human life!